Demolitions Across the State

Land banks across New York are responsibly returning vacant and abandoned properties to productive use and eliminating harm from our communities. One way land banks improve our communities is through the demolition of blighted, structurally unsafe buildings. While demolitions sometimes get a bad rap, removing a blighted building can lead to safer neighborhoods and more opportunities for land reuse.

The Broome County Land Bank Corporation began the demolition of three nuisance properties in August. One building demolished had been severely damaged in a fire and had seen more police activity due to illegal trespassing and squatting. The other two buildings had been vacant since severe flooding in Broome County in 2011. Click here to read more about the Broome County Land Bank's demolitions.

The Cattaraugus County Land Bank Corporation has several demolitions planned for this year and the upcoming year. In addition to 11 planned rehabilitation, Cattaraugus County Land Bank plans to demolish seven properties this year and an additional 12 buildings next year. reducing blight in the community. For more information on improvements being done by the Cattaraugus County Land Bank Corporation, click here.