Land Bank on the hunt for Utica's zombie properties

The Greater Mohawk Valley Land Bank has acquired a zombie property in Utica in attempts to bring vacant and abandoned properties back into productive use. 

"Since joining the Greater Mohawk Valley Land Bank, we now have a new tool in our toolbox to combat this epidemic and bring pride and safety back to our neighborhoods,” said Utica Common Councilman Joseph Marino, the land bank’s treasurer, saying the organization purchased the property to do “what’s right by the neighbors and not by the bottom line.”

GMVLB's Executive Director Tolga Morawski said “the goal is to have every property we take on completed and back on the market within a year. Whether that’s as a side lot or a rehabbed home, either way, we don’t want to be sitting on a big inventory of properties. We want to keep them moving.”

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