Since the NY Land Bank Act was passed and the states first land banks were established in 2012, these organizations have turned to one another to share ideas and strategies for how to best provide this important community service.  The New York Land Bank Association, Inc. was established in 2015 to support land banks across the state.  The Association was created to:

  • To inform local governments, citizens, and other stakeholders in New York regarding the establishment and operation of land banks in their respective communities;

  • To foster and promote the sharing of information, resources, and services among land banks in New York and throughout the nation;

  • To provide technical assistance, guidance, and other resources to land banks in New York; and

  • To provide and support governmental relations to benefit and further the purpose of land banks in New York.

We also learn from land banks engaged in this work across the county, often through interactions facilitated by our friends at the Center for Community Progress, who support governments and nonprofits engaged in fighting blight and property abandonment.

The New York Land Bank Association's voting board members are appointed by its member land banks. The following board members are currently serving as officers of the Association:

  • Adam Zaranko, President (Executive Director, Albany County Land Bank)

  • Gina Paradis, Vice-President (Executive Director, Chautauqua County Land Bank)

  • Margaret Scarinzi, Secretary (Executive Director, Broome County Land Bank)

  • Katelyn Wright, Treasurer (Executive Director, Greater Syracuse Land Bank)